Countdown to 24

Another year, another year older







Β Although I doubt myself and feel I should be doing better than I am, I know I have plenty of time.

Plenty of time to build the life I want

Here’s to 24 and many more years

Love Tadana


‘Weekend checklist-do nothing and chill’

Drives, walks, cuddles, movies and lots of food.

I love a lazy weekend especially wrapped up in this H&M jumper dress

Comfort and fashion in one

Perfect weekend attire

dsc_0225 dsc_0291 dsc_0236 dsc_0211 dsc_0220 dsc_0207 dsc_0264 dsc_0263 dsc_0201 dsc_0196

What does your perfect weekend look like?

Love Tadana


The ‘ugly’ coat

Not every coat we own is going to be fashion forward and lighting up the catwalks around the world.

And I’m all good with that.

This Adidas coat isn’t my most glamorous or on trend coat but I love it all the same.

It’s big, its comfy and it keeps me warm.

It’s water proof,hooded and padded for extra protection.

It’s basically a cuddle in a coat.

I can pop my leather jacket or fur gilet under it without the fear of looking too bulky or walking around like I just had a really intense arm session.

Drag your ‘ugly’ coat out of the closet because let’s face it Winter is coming and it’s probably going to be your best friend from now on.


Do you have an ‘ugly coat’?

Love Tadana


Pink to make the boys wink

I’ve been waiting to get my hands on this pink knit ever since I saw it hanging in the H&M display in my local high street.

I’m not drawn in by the sequin dresses, glittery displays or Christmas lights.

I’m drawn in by knit wear and my obsession is growing and growing.

When I saw this jumper it was style with a shimmery long pleated skirt and some cute boots and it screamed versatility to me.

Perfect during the day with jeans and boots or perfect for night time cocktails with a sparkly skirt and heels

I’ve pretty much been living in this jumper ever since I bought it and I live by the rule of buying things that I’m going to wear to death and beyond



I always make an effort when I’m shopping to create three different outfits in my head whenever I select a new piece

That way I know I’m not wasting money and I’m getting a goodie



Choosing a coloured knit brightens up your Winter look without being OTT

Allowing you to wear your favourite boots and comfiest jeans but maintaining a style element so your winter look never gets boring


Love Tadana


My first Giveaway

I’ve finally stepped outside of my comfort zone and decided to do a Giveaway!

I don’t know why it’s taken so long but I’m excited and I hope you are too.

I’ll be giving away a Babyliss sheer glamour mini hair straightener set.

It comes with mini straighteners, hair brush, mirror and a cute sequin bag

Perfect for travelling or a Christmas gift to make sure you have sassy hair on the go!



All you have to do is head over to my instagram ❀ and follow me.

The comment done on any of my instagram photos and that’s your entry done.

dsc_0031 dsc_0029

Boring bits!

The giveaway ends on Sunday the 11th of December

It’s UK only (so sorry)

Hopefully I’ll be able to do more giveaways in the future but we’ll start with this one and see how we go!


Love Tadana