Food|Mid-week hang

I’m a huge advocate of living for EVERYDAY not just the weekend, and support the mid-week hang with your family, girlfriends etc. It’s a great way to break up the week, refresh your mind for the next working day and catch up with your favourite people.

So for this weeks girl hang I decided to do a little bit of cooking and catch up with my favourite person over delicious food and drinks.

Now that its summer time I wanted something light and easy and what’s better than Greek style food on a lazy summer evening. I love Greek food with a passion and I won’t ever quite do it justice but my attempt tasted pretty good.



I picked up jars of olives, sun dried tomatoes and artichoke and popped toothpicks on the table to poke, dip and eat away. It’s a super easy and simple starter/side dish that takes literal seconds to put out.



For dips I went for two classics hummus and tzatziki. On a weekend I would probably try and whip some up myself, but when you’re rushing home from work it’s a shop dash. I’ve recently moved so don’t have any cute dishes so ideally I would have liked to scoop these into cute dishes but it saved on the washing up.


Greek style salad:I chopped up three tomatoes, half a cucumber, one red onion, lots of feta cheese, scattered some olives, sprinkle of oregano and drowned it in olive oil. It was so delicious and I packed the left over for my work lunch the next day!


Chicken: I marinated this with garlic, oregano and BBQ seasoning for that summer feel. Chopped up some red pepper and tossed it around in a pan until it was all yummy and golden brown. If you have more time i’d recommend cutting your chicken into strips and grilling/baking it for extra yumminess


Last thing on the list is to pop some pitta to grill 2-3 minutes before your chickens ready and you have warm doughy pitta to dip, mix and create your own little Greek dream.

It was a really lazy, relaxed dinner and we sat at the table for hours laughing away.

Have you got a mid-week hang coming up!? Change the scene from the bar to the dining table and I promise you will have a relaxed and beautiful evening.




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