It’s bloody freezing

So I’m not sure if you got the memo from your local weather person this week but it’s FREEZING. Like its so cold and I really am not loving life. I was getting ready for those lighter days and started breaking out my ‘transitional’ wardrobe but no, mother nature had other plans for us.

I think the most annoying thing about being out and about in COLD temperatures is channelling your personal style while remaining warm. It’s a hard thing to do especially when the majority of your outfit is covered by a big coat. I love being snug and warm but I also love showing my personality.


Lets start with the coat. So this is my favourite coat and very true to my personal style.(Can you believe I nearly gave this away). I love this camel duffle coat because it sings to the Alexa Chung in me. Comfy, cute and boyish. I love the tartan detail and always slightly roll up the sleeves to show this off. It’s warm and oversized so I can layer underneath and retain me.


Now lets talk handbags. I am a big handbag fan and people always buy me them for presents etc so I’m lucky to have a good collection going. This is my current favourite bought for me by my lovely mama. It is a bit of me and more. The style, design and finish speaks to the Nikki Bella in me. I love a bit of glamour but not too much so always choose to show this off in my bag choice. This works great in winter because glamour dies haha, so I try to inject it wherever I can.


A heeled boot is my favourite staple. I just LOVE boots and literally try and sneak them into every season. I don’t even know where my love from boots came from or a style queen that influenced this. I just know that I love them, how they fit, feel and the edge they can add to an outfit. So I guess you could say this speaks to the ‘edgy’ gal in me. My collection ranges from black pointed heeled boots to over the knee grey suede boots to tasselled/fringe boots.  Your choice of footwear is another fun way to inject your personality into a winter outfit.


To finish it off I like to pop on my favourite lip colour and I’ve got a simple, easy and comfy winter outfit! Wrap up warm and have a lovely weekend my babes.

For all outfit details watch the video below!






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