Museum of London Docklands


I’m not entirely sure when this switch flicked in me but I went from living for drinking and partying every weekend to living for brunch and culture. I’m not going to slate myself by saying I’m a grandma etc because there’s nothing wrong with it. I’m less party life now and more pj’s and Netflix because it’s what I enjoy!

I started my Saturday with a yummy breakfast and lots of laughs and went off to explore. The museum of London docklands is probably one I wouldn’t have chosen myself because I’m more of an art gallery kind of girl. However, I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot ! It’s in a wonderful location right by the water  and free to enter. I’d recommend visiting for a different taste of London and a new experience. I can imagine it being a hot spot during the summer months and I think I’ll definitely return during summer for happy hour by the water.



We finished our day by heading to Barbecoa ,St Paul’s for dinner which we did not rate at all, do no let the food pictures deceive you.


If you want to know why I wasn’t a fan of this place then check out my vlog of the day below


Anyone else a brunch and exploring gal!?, got any recommendations?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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