2018 Goals

xmas 1

Happy New Year! I can’t believe we are in 2018, it’s so crazy how quickly it came around. I’ve definitely had a whirlwind year with extreme highs and lows but I’m grateful for every moment because it was a lesson. 2017 was the biggest year for me in terms of personal growth and I thankfully ended 2017 on a high.

For the last three years I’ve set goals which I’ve achieved and the feeling is incredible! So I’ve kept the trend of setting realistic goals that I know I can achieve with a bit of focus and hard work.

One of my goals is to develop my Youtube channel. I start and then I stop, then I start and it goes on like that. I’ve wiped all videos from my channel and I’m starting from scratch. I’ve set myself an upload goal for the year and I’m determined to get to it, because I know I can with a bit of hard work.

I received an amazing and special gift for Christmas which is going to help me achieve my goal. I realised it wasn’t because I didn’t know what I was doing ( i covered film production and editing at university), it’s because I was unhappy with the quality of the content I had. I know it’s not all about fancy equipment but when you have a visual of what you want to create and work with, its very disappointing when it doesn’t materialise.

So in keeping with the New Year drive here is my first video of 2018! I am genuinely pleased with how it turned out and for once I am unapologetically me. No makeup, crazy, swearing,laughing and fun me. It feels liberating.

I’m having laptop issues at the moment so the video was edited on windows movie maker and I got to say I underestimated that programme a bit.

I’d love to know what you think of the video! If you like it please do subscribe as it will add fuel to my fire



Have you set any goals for the New Year!? I’d love to hear them




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