Brunch| Big Easy

I never blog about food and I have no idea why because I’m always eating the stuff. I love going to new restaurants, trying out different cuisines and I’m a sucker for brunch.

I think I currently live in a pretty good place for this so I’ll be sharing my London foodie finds, one bite at a time.

I’ve never heard of Big Easy and I have definitely been missing out. So here’s some snaps from my visit to their Canary Wharf branch.


I jumped off the tube at Canary Wharf and probably walked around for a good 20 minutes trying to find the restaurant. Has anyone been there recently!? because the layout is very confusing.


After finally finding the tunnel I made my way in to meet my cousin and her friends. We hadn’t booked a table but we didn’t  have to wait too long for one to become available. I would recommend booking just in case, Londoners love their brunch.


As you walk in you get hit with the most delicious smell and get to take a peek at the food coming out of the kitchen. It’s enough to get your tummy grumbling and taste buds calling out for a taste.


Brunch runs from 11am-4pm on Saturday aptly named ‘Boozy Brunch’. For £29.50 you can choose from a party pleasing menu (lobster,BBQ, mac n cheese) which includes a bottle of prosecco/house wine/3 pint jug of big easy brew or mojito. That’s per person by the way. Yes, you read that right. They definitely do boozy brunch the right way.


We laughed and gossiped over prosecco and mojito while we waited for our food to be served up. I wasn’t overly keen on the prosecco they served, I’m not a fan of very dry prosecco or wine but the mojitio more than made up for it. The perfect balance of rum and mint.


I went for the whole lobster which was all kinds of delicious. Served with chunky chips and garlic butter this dish was always going to be a winner.


It was a messy affair but oh so delicious and left me stuffed for the rest of the day.

After more drinking and chatting we soon got chased away from our table (You get a max. two hour ) and made way for more diners.


I left filled up and a little bit merry!

I only recently found out that they have two other branches in Kings Road and Covent Garden if you’d rather brunch it up at these spots instead

Do let me know if you check out Big Easy ❤ I’d love to know your thoughts



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