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We are officially in A/W mode but someone might want to give the weather the memo. Its time to change up your beauty routine for those colder months and start taking the time out to pamper yourself.

Ever since I moved to London I have been non-stop and neglected my Sunday pamper. I was here, there and everywhere. Sometimes you need to stop and take care of yourself and on those rare occasions where I have a Sunday free-I jump at it.

These are the current products I am using in my Sunday pamper routine which make me feel like a new woman ready to face the Monday morning commute.




  • I always start with the L’Oreal pure clay face mask. I don’t know if you are meant to start with face masks but I do and well it works for me.
  • After this, I use St Ives apricot scrub to exfoliate my skin and this face mask/scrub combo  seems to work a treat for my skin.
  • Then onto MICA beauty cosmetics exfoliating peeling gel. (The story of how I started using this is LOL-for later though). Now I know it sounds weird to use a scrub and then a peeling gel but there is method to my madness. Although a scrub removes everything I know there is still some dirt/dead skin left behind. The MICA beauty gel basically removes dead skin from your face and neck. I use it to lift off anything missed and after my skin feels  baby soft.
  • To finish, I cleanse my skin with Nip and Fab face wash and use my cleansing brush on soft setting just to makes sure the product gets deep into my skin. I recently read  that stimulating your skin in this way, using the brush, is good for blood flow. I don’t know if this is true but I’m going to roll with it.

This skin routine may not be for everyone but it really works for me and I will likely be swapping out some things as we get into the colder weather.

I would recommend always having a face scrub in your routine to exfoliate especially after a long week. You need to get rid of dead skin, oil build up and any dirt lurking in those pesky pores.




I then hop into the shower and turn the heat up high. I’m talking create that sauna experience at home ladies. We want to pretend we are in a high end spa not our home bathroom, do you feel me!?

The shower routine is pretty basic when it comes to the body. I won’t go into detail about shaving and washing my hair etc because we all do our own thing there. No-one really needs to know

  • I start with the Palmers Cocoa body scrub and scrub every inch of my body. This removes dirt build up and dead skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. Again, I read about scrubs and the benefits it has for skin circulation as well as helping with cellulite.  It’s something that I always love to do because you need to take care of your skin. Just because people don’t see every inch of your body it does not mean you should neglect it.
  • To finish in the shower,  I use the Nivea body wash on my shower puff and the formula of this is so creamy and foamy. It honestly feels like I’m stepping into a cloud of moisture and hate rinsing this off at the end.

I would highly recommend trying the Palmers body scrub its all natural goodness and super affordable.


Body-After shower


When I am done in the shower, I wrap up my hair and pop on my favourite dressing gown and fluffy slippers. During this stage, its great to light some candles and put on your favourite playlist to create your relaxing atmosphere.

  • First up, Palmers moisturising oil. I never used to use oils and I have no idea what I was doing before that but its something that really works. I use it straight out the shower to trap in any moisture and really hydrate my skin, since I started using this I rarely have dry patches of skin.
  • I dab off the oil and then use the Nip and Fab cellulite cream. Now I know you can never really get rid of cellulite and good eating and exercise is the best way to combat this, but every little helps. I use this around my problem areas to help firm up my skin. To tell the truth after about a month or so of use I have noticed a small change. Small changes may not be worth it to some people but it is for me. Its a quick and easy part to my skin routine so it doesn’t waste my time.
  • On to the Sanctuary body cream. Its a really heavy cream and feels so luxurious . I apply the body cream from the neck down and in every nook and cranny. After applying this I honestly feel like I’m floating on cloud nine. My skin feels so, so soft and I feel so relaxed because I feel so good.
  • Not forgetting those little feet. I hate feet but I can’t pretend I don’t have any. The sanctuary heel balm cream is a winner. It softens up my feet and after the work my little feet do in the week, it feels really nice guys. I can’t lie.
  • Finishing up with a little spritz of the Body Shop Japanese Blossom body mist. Smells gorgeous and the scent really stays with you throughout the day. I love body mists because they are designed to sit on your skin.  It gives off a natural scent which we can try and pass off as our own and live up to the myth that girls smells of ‘rainbows and roses’


Have you got a pamper routine or product your currently love? or would you like to see a product review of whats in my pamper routine!?

Let me know over on my instagram ❤!






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