The White Shirt|Ralph Lauren

I was doing my laundry the other day and for the first time I noticed how many items of white clothing I own. I also never realised how much white I wore until I ended up with a white only load at the end of the week.

I decided to go through my collection and my love for a white shirt became pretty evident. A white shirt is timeless classic and I’m not surprised I have a growing collection. They work for work, night and Sunday brunch. Its an item that’s effortless and will never go out of style.


My favourite white shirt at the moment is this oversized shirt from Ralph Lauren. I have always been a fan of Ralph Lauren shirts. I love the way they fit, the quality and the way they make you feel. You instantly feel a sense of class when you slip on a Ralph Lauren shirt and pair it with your favourite pair of blue jeans or midi skirt.


Yes, it can be a bit pricey to invest in one of these but that’s exactly what it is an investment. An investment in a classic, quality piece that will last you years. The white shirt will never go out of style and neither will the blue Ralph Lauren logo. It’s a double investment that will keep you looking cool, classy and on trend.


I love a fitted shirt but love an oversized white shirt even more. I love pairing it with jeans for a lazy Sunday feel that lets me indulge at brunch and keep my style points. When it’s time to dress it up I can belt it around my waist, wear some black pants and pointed shoes and I’m transformed into formal glam.

They also look great paired with a printed silk scarf to add a touch of luxury.




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