Taking your summer dress through the seasons

We all have those pieces in our closet that we wish we could wear all year round. Whether it’s those cute denim shorts you can’t live without, a summery dress that does the most for your figure or a top that feels like home; we all have that one item.

For me it’s dresses. I love a good tea dress. Bright colours, flowy fabric and funky prints. If it’s around I’ll probably have it hanging in my closet. So when Fall/Winter rolls around I struggle to part with my tea dresses and embrace the wooly jumpers and thermals (don’t pretend we all rock them).

This season instead of parting with my favourite tea dress I’m adding to my collection and styling up my summer favourites with winter classics.

Big jumpers, warm cardigans, puffy coats and fur combined with a summer  dresses and chunky boots create the perfect Fall/Winter look.

Keeping you on trend but feeling at home in your favourite pieces.






What’s your favourite all year round piece!?

How would you style up this dress!?



Photos by Mark-Thank you


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