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Seasonal trends can be hit and miss and sometimes it’s really not worth following the crowd for something you’ll banish to a bin bag once the next season rolls around.


Boot trends seem to be on a loop and past trends are now our current trends and the circle goes on and on with slight tweaks to keep them current but timeless.

I have four boot favourites for Fall/Winter that are timeless but also keep up with the boot trends of the moment.


It’s always great to select a timeless piece with a little twist to ensure you get your value for money and stay ahead of the fashion game.

I forever get compliments on my boot favourites and people are always surprised when I tell them I’ve had these sat in my closet for years.


Don’t get me wrong I love a good trend and I do seasonal shop but sometimes it’s nice to stick to timeless pieces with a twist that you know will always be wardrobe favourites.

If you’d like to see my boot favourites just click the button below!

Boot details will be over on youtube channel in the description box of this video

What’s your favourite boot style!? Are you a seasonal shopper !?


I'd love to hear from you!

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