Fashion|Sports leggings for curves

If you have a small waist ,thick thighs, booty and some jiggle it can be hard to find sports leggings that make you feel and look good while working out.

Over time I’ve collected my favourites and invested in sports leggings that give my derriere the support it needs. Allowing me to smash my workouts with confidence.

Best support- Victoria’s Secret Pink

Victoria’s Secret leggings are a bit pricey but just like anything you get out what you put in. They give me the best support and they keep everything tight and right. There’s no jiggle, no pants on show, they’re thick,breathable, high waisted and stretchy.

They give me the best fit and I love wearing them for light and heavy workouts.

The visible seam on the grey pants adds to the slimming effect as well as the mix of pattern in the second pair.

Great for: weights yoga,stretching and everyday!







Affordable and supportive-Puma

These Puma black leggings are just as good as Victoria Secret but half the price.

They’re light weight, stretchy and breathable and have a waist band to give extra support to that tum and bum

They’re not as supportive as the Victoria Secret leggings but they are a lot better than most

Great for running!




Best for prints-Primark

I’ve found Primark the best on the high street for prints that don’t make you feel and look like an elephant

Don’t shy away from prints if you’re bigger down below just select the right prints!

If your main aim is to slim down the thighs with prints choose dark colours, prints with spacing and panels down the side

But it goes without sayings girls if you feel good in it then wear it! Who cares!?

The only downfall is Primark sports leggings aren’t amazing for curvy girls. The fit is off, they are overly stretchy and lose shape and the support is limited.

But if you just want some cute printed leggings and you’re not too worried about that you’re in good company.

Great for working out in style!




Best fitted shorts-Nike

I rarely work out in shorts it’s just personal preference and I’m still a tad bit self-conscious when it comes to me legs.

But if the time calls for it I like wearing fitted shorts because they’re practical and they stop the jiggle.

I love Nike fitted shorts and under shorts because they give great support and again have a supportive band to stop them from slipping down.

I love wearing fitted shorts when I have a hard and sweaty! workout planned because I keep cool and don’t feel icky and sticky

Great for running, HIIT, cycling and hikes




What’s your favourite sportswear legging brands!?

Any cool ones I should give a go? (help a big booty sister out girls)





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