Fashion|Wearing all black in summer

Summer style is fun, colourful and flirty and black doesn’t really fit into that category.

I love black clothing its one of my go to’s because black is always chic. I feel that people pretty much live in black and darker colours during winter because it reflects the colour palette of that season. So obviously when summer starts our style and clothing starts to reflect the colour palette of summer. Which is pastels, light denim, browns and florals and black gets shoved to the back of the line.

I love the summer colour palette and my closet becomes more colorful during summer but I still love wearing black and I don’t think black needs to be a taboo during summer.

Fun and flirty fabrics and designs also come in black and all our favourite brands have got the memo.


So how do yo wear black in summer?

Choose light and flowy fabrics to give that summer feel


Follow summer trends like bardot tops and the focus isn’t on the fact that you’re in black but on the outfit


Accessorise with golds,colours or a bold lip to add a pop to your outfit. Black with a pop of colour in summer creates a great chic and together look


Don’t overwhelm your body. If you’re wearing a black maxi skirt then wear a fitted top and vice versa. You want to blend in not stick out like a sore thumb.



Photos by my lovely sister


2 thoughts on “Fashion|Wearing all black in summer

  1. I love black anytime of year! What ever gives a good flow of air and I can dress it up or down, is my go to! Love your post!

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