Fashion|How to rock a bikini

When bikini season rolls around it can be pretty daunting. Wearing a two pieces, one piece etc boobs out,legs out, tummys out and bums out the parts of the body that at least one person is insecure about.

So when we’re heading to the beach surrounded by lots of ladies we don’t know all rocking bikini’s its very hard to not compare yourself. No matter how hot you are or how confident you are it’s impossible to not fear judgement day but actually judgement day isn’t all that bad.

DSC_0256 DSC_0253

We all think we’re being judged and let those insecurities fly around when in reality probably a small percentage of people are actually looking at you and judging you. And heads up the people judging you are probably the most insecure ones at that pool or beach.

I think in order to feel bikini ready you have to be able to embrace your own body and empower other bodies around you.

We all have lumps, bumps, rolls, cellulite,stretch marks etc no one is immune not even Victoria Secret models. The media of today ¬†paints an image of perfection, the perfect body, but that really does not exist for anyone and the sooner we realise that the easier it’s going to be to truly love the body you’re in.

DSC_0249 DSC_0237

So top tip for wearing a bikini is put on your bikini, style it up however you want and rock out like the badass you are.


You want to look back on photos of yourself dancing,swimming and enjoying life with your friends not covered up on a lounger looking miserable and regretting it.


We all have down days where we we feel down and have zero body confidence but remember everyone feels that way and it’s one step at a time.


Photos by my lovely sister

Bikini by Floozie by Dedenhams


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