Lifestyle|Formal lunch inspiration

I attended a beautiful hen do this weekend which just radiated class and elegance. The beautiful maid of honour put every event planner to shame with this beautiful set up. It’s the perfect inspiration for a formal lunch or brunch setting. It’s always in the details and everything came together perfectly to make a picture […]

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Lifestyle|I’m engaged

I have never been as happy in my life as when my soul mate asked me to be his forever. I  am still very much on cloud nine and overwhelmed by the congratulations and lovely words from our friends and family. ‘ There is no one quite like you. The one who listens.To all the […]

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Lifestyle| Lazy beach day

“What are you doing today?, I’m bored” are my favourite texts to receive. The days you don’t plan out always tend to be the most fun. So with that text, we hashed up a quick plan. I scurried around throwing things into a picnic basket (saving on multiple bags and ending up with an ultra […]

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Food|Mid-week hang

I’m a huge advocate of living for EVERYDAY not just the weekend, and support the mid-week hang with your family, girlfriends etc. It’s a great way to break up the week, refresh your mind for the next working day and catch up with your favourite people. So for this weeks girl hang I decided to […]

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Finally back after a long, long time away from the old blog. Life has been manic since the start of the year. Moving city, starting a new job, moving home etc the list goes on. Things have settled now and I can’t wait to start creating content again. We’re in the process of making our […]

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